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    Prayer Partner

    We are a mobile app delivering prayer that is digital, streaming, and on-demand. We put the power of prayer - literally - in the palm of your hand.

    We are currently in fund-raising phase so if you have any leads or want to stay abreast of our updates, please share your email here or a note with us at the bottom! 

  • Media

    It's all about the videos

    Video Tour (1Min)

    This quick tutorial demonstrates the main functionality of Prayer Partner. Watch it prior to using the app to best understand how to navigate through the basics!

    Founder Video (1Min)

    Most startups are a team of co-founders. I feel like I operate as a team within myself. I created this video to demonstrate how even as a solo founder, I get the job done just as well!

    Video Tour (2Min)

    This tutorial builds on the 1 minute tutorial to demonstrate more of the features of Prayer Partner. Watch it prior to using the app to best understand how to navigate to your optimal prayer experience!

  • What People Are Saying

    Don't take our word for it!

    The prayers themselves are awesome (my FAVE aspect of the app), and I like how they're organized. The photos are nice. I also like the diversity in voices. The music in the background was lovely.

    The prayers are fantastic. I think I would use it mostly when I feel overwhelmed and am not sure what to pray.

    I think it's a great resource - especially during difficult moments when words fail but you desperately want to say something to Jesus aside from deep sighs and tears.

    I can definitely see myself sharing with colleagues and friends that are wanting prayer and want to know how to pray.

    This is a great start for the app and I believe there is value in this product.

    I am excited for the "Request Prayer" section to open. I think a lot of people would love to share their prayer request (could be anonymous too).

  • Our Story

    The Idea

    One year ago, I was on the phone, praying a friend through one of her toughest challenges. When we hung up, it was clear to me that she had needed that prayer and might not receive another one like it if not from me again. I began to brainstorm a way to re-create the experience of being prayed for by a friend. And the concept for Prayer Partner, a streaming, on-demand prayer app was conceived!

    The Miracle

    Not long after, I was teaching a bootcamp class at one of my gyms and announced offhandedly to my students that I was creating an app and looking for a developer. Someone in that class that night raised her hand, connected me with a developer and just like that, God had begun to work! Within months, I had a developer, a designer, and a working version of the app.

    The Conclusion

    A year of work went into taking Prayer Partner from concept to reality. We, however, ultimately lacked the resources to take it all the way to our vision. Thankfully, God took the seed of this idea and planted it in another entrepreneur's heart and mind. So, we highly recommend the Echo Prayer App for all your praying app needs; they've done the job that we set out to do. Thank you for all of your support!